I Can’t Draw, But I do

watercolor sketch

I’ve been learning to sketch for a year. I am not an artist, of which I’m well aware. I am someone who likes to learn, and lately it’s been drawing that I’ve been learning. Unexpectedly, as I learned about drawing and sketching and watercolor, I learned a lot about how I thought of what others thought of me.


Along the way I met Ama who told me about the novel  The Far Pavilions by M.M. Kaye. One of the themes of The Far Pavilions is that  you never really know who you are. Well, I wonder if that’s because we’re always changing?






This is the first sketch I made, July 18, 2015 – the beginning of my learning to draw. I named it The Far Pavilions. It was the beginning of my journey.





Here are those same Sierra Nevada mountains, Owen’s Peak, done by me six months later.



I’m learning to sketch. I’m learning to see my world. And I’m learning how I hold myself back by my own thoughts.

A thing. You’ll notice some things that some people would call glaring problems in my sketches. Right away you probably wondered why I allowed that terrible ink blot to appear in Ama’s introductory watercolor. The answer is, because it happened. It happened the day I got my first crow quill. I was eager to see how it worked. I didn’t know you were supposed to run the nib along the side of the ink jar as you withdrew the pen because, if you don’t, you get a blot. I learned.

I leave that stuff in because I want to share what it’s like to learn. Plenty of people show us what it is like to be good at something. I don’t want you to think something like I’ll never get this when things go terribly wrong.  It happens to all of us, even experienced inkers and watercolorists, let alone learners.

Okay. We’re on our way. Don’t forget: Transcendence Happens for everyone.



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