Raised in a Lion’s Den

On January 1, 2016, in the early morning hours when nearly everyone was sleeping, I headed north on the 15 to my home. So little traffic. I flew along enjoying the freeway freedom that Southern Californians rarely experience. Of course, I was surrounded with Grateful Dead music. An ideal road trip experience.

About two hours into this perfect ride, as I was about to turn off of the interstate to the minor highway that would take me out through the desert, the traffic got a little heavier as more people hit the road to head home from their holiday celebratiJerryLionsDenons.

New Minglewood Blues came on. Just as Bobby sang

I was born in a desert, raised in a lion’s den

I looked over and saw a motorhome entering the highway. On the back of the motorhome was painted a pride of lions.

I’m heading off the freeway into the desert, a motorhome with a pride of lions painted on the back gets in front of me, and Bobby sings those words.

I know there are an amazing amount of highly accomplished artist within the Dead Head community, and I hesitated to write this post because of it, still, I know, and they know, that sometimes transcendence happens.

I haven’t tried another Dead-inspired sketch until today. I think I’ll start doing a few more. Thanks, musicians, for helping to make transcendence happen.



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