How We Tell the Story

I had a friend who choreographed a witch dance every Halloween. I loved it. People gathered to practice ahead of time, showed up in costume at the appointed hour, and danced because it was Halloween.

The costumes included pointy black hats. Diaphanous black layers were artfully draped over black dresses with black stockings and black shoes. Sometimes there was purple or green. It was lovely and I looked forward to it every year, even if I had to watch it on the internet because I couldn’t be there.

I know some of the people who danced believed deeply in the witch’s dance, believed it had power, believed it was their moral duty to perform the dance every year. I loved them for it, for the intensity of their feelings and for their dedication to what they believed.

It wasn’t what I believed and I had no desire to dance with them. What I loved in my friends was their dedication to the sacredness of life. Their belief that, by participating in this dance, they were doing their small part to making the world a better place. I believe they did make the world a better place with their dance.

One of my friends who would take part in the witch’s dance, would say If you don’t like your story, change it. What is your reality? Can you name it? Do you love it?

Today’s sketch is of Claude Rains in Now Voyager (1942). AClaudeRains8-16 beautiful movie, it explores how what we believe is our reality and that it is possible to change our story.

I believe that our lives are just stories we tell ourselves.ChangeYourStory


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