Oh Yes, and That Too

CaitlinBirdCaitlin in Huntsville, Alabama, draws birds. She likes whimsical birds and more whimsical versions of real birds. I love that she does that and how she does it and I love that she uses these birds to express a part of her that I know. I also know this part of her is wonderfully expressed in this indirect way.

I have read that Paul Gauguin said

Do not copy nature too much. Art is an abstraction.


This is what I have  believed even before I had words for it. I want to draw so that every viewer knows, as well as feels. I want some part of the viewer to respond with Oh yes, and that too.

I haven’t done too many birds, and I’ve tried too hard on those I have done. Maybe birds aren’t for me.That won’t stop me from loving all the ways others share birds.


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