Seismic Activity on the Learning Path

It’s erratic, this path of learning. I won’t even grace it with the word curve because, for me, it resembles a Richter scale reading during a 5.2 earthquake. It is all up and down spikes and keeps getting worse until just the point you think you should take cover, it is over and everything is better.

For a long time I avoided any need for perspective. Then, during the same unusually productive week in which Bear Face first appeared, I tried this view of Evelyn’s kitchen.


I was amazed at how perfectly wrong I got the line for the right hand wall. Further, I had no idea how to fix it.

As recently as yesterday, I sketched this eaglesblufffailversion of Eagle’s Bluff lighthouse and totally missed the roof line. I put blue arrows at the worst lines because they are so far off, you’d probably wonder what they were if I didn’t specifically tell you they are errant roof lines. I’ll admit, I ranted and whined to sketching friends and lamented my ever learning perspective, just like a big sketching baby.

And then today, I drew this guy in a train station. I hope it means the seismic jolt is over.



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