Miracles, and Not-miracles

I’m not sure, but I think a miracle has happened at my house. I bought an 8-piece bag of chicken from my local deli yesterday. I had more than I should have for both lunch and dinner. Today I took it out of the refrigerator for lunch…and there were 8 pieces in the bag. I might be a saint!

One thing I know for sure is that I will never be declared the patron saint of watercolorists.

I was enjoyin20amusementparkg painting a haunted house today for the #worldwatercolorgroup daily prompt which is amusement park ride when I don’t know what happened to the shadow side of the house. I think I may have channeled a ghost who made me dip my brush in one of the scary non-transparent pigment pans. I don’t know, maybe the ghost was hoping some of the non-transparent color would splash on him or her and make her or his presence known. It didn’t work as I never saw a ghost, but that ugly stain of a shadow on the side of the house is proof the ghost was here.

Here are two sketches I’ve done in the past year that I think were ruined by non-transparent colors. Why did I keep using them? Because I wanted to understand how they worked. Now I know that they’re not for me and I’m happy I gave the a good long trial, and I’m happy they’re out of my main palette.

As it turns out, the patron saint of art is Catherine of Bologna. So close to how I spell my name, but not close enough for me to be a saint. I can’t let you know what I know, but I can show you how I learned it. Thanks, Saint Catherine of Bologna, for protecting me from the ghost of non-transparent colors today.


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