Donut Dump

Normally I dislike info dumps. I’ve stopped reading a novel or two because of the heavy handed lecture material. So far, I’m loving the way Paul Beatty is using factual information and, as I read, I find I want more and more of the information – factual information as well as fictional portrayal of ways of being – that Paul Beatty is sharing.

Today’s sketch is from page 46 of The Sellout: A Novel“>The Sellout. I don’t mean to be oblique in what my sketches portray, at the same time I feel I must avoid anything approaching a spoiler. The quote is a real quote, not made up by me. If you want to better understand the sketch, I invite you to read along,selloutp46wc. I think is going to be a fantastic novel.

I sketched this in a Global Art Materials Field Watercolor Artist Journal Hand Book, 8 by 8-Inch“>Field Watercolor Journal, using Speedball General Purpose Pen Set two penholders and six pens“>Hunts Speedball nibs and Daler Rowney Simply Black India Ink, 1 oz“>Daler Rowney Black India Ink and Sennelier Watercolor Metal Bx 12 Half Pan Set“>Sennelier watercolors.


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