California Retains Heat



It is a deeply overcast day of the beach, in the middle of January, and has been overwhelmingly overcast for at least the last week. When I sit on a wooden bench, it still retains heat. This is the most amazing thing to me as I grew up expecting inanimate objects to have heat stored in them. Then I moved around to other places, even other hot place, and no place else that I’ve been have brick walls and fence posts retained heat. And yet, it is still happening here so was not my imagination.

That is in no way related to today’s sketch. Today’s sketch is people going about the business of communing with the Pacific Ocean on this overcast day. I’ve not yet mastered people. I thought my vantage point gave me a good opportunity to practice. One thing I noticed is that these people all seemed to be wearing some type of uniform. I was not wearing the same uniform. I was sort of proud of myself.


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