Good Luck

Every morning when I wake up I lie there and think about what I will do today. I usually start by thinking back to what I read the previous day, decide how interesting it was, and prioritize my day’s reading depending on that. That usually leads to the next question of my day: What will I sketch today? The conversation in my head goes like this every morning, only the details change.

Oh yeah, he made that pinky swear. Do you think it will mean something later in the story? I wonder if I could sketch that? A pinky swear, no, I couldn’t sketch that, it’s far too intricate. Is there a way to simplify it? I wonder what pinky swears look like if you really look at them. I wonder if I could try?

From page 77 of Hearts in Atlantis



Unexplored Land

Stephen King. If only he’d write more novels! He is my favorite, I’m not too much of a snob to admit it, and I’ve made up a diminutive for him because I love his books that much. There are lots of SteKi novels I haven’t read for various reasons that became pretty clear to me when I read his fantastic book On Writing.   I ran into one of them, Hearts in Atlantis and it’s been sitting in my to-read pile until yesterday. Somehow, he always speaks my mind. It’s scary. He writes scary novels. It is so fun. (The quotes are found on pp 34-49).