In Their Own Direction

I am so excited to find a book that comes with its own musical accompaniment. This is not the first time Haruki Murakami has sent me to the internet in search of music I’ve never heard before but which sets the tone of his writing. Let me warn you to carefully play every piece Murakami mentions while you’re reading his novels -it will so improve the experience.

This book, however, is not a novel. It is Absolutely on Music: Conversations. Murakami and his friend, the conductor Seiji Ozawa listen to pieces of music and comment on them, much as you would do with your friend. So much fun!



I am finishing up #inktober and #inktober2016, just one more pen and ink to go tomorrow. Today’s song is in response to the prompt Wreck. It was written by Woody Guthrie and has been recorded by many artists. I chose the Judy Collins version to share. It is a lament over lives lost so others can make an easy buck. It is interesting to me that it seems so timely even though it was written over 65 years ago. It’s a tough subject, and not easy to dance to, but I think you can if you let the music take you away.



I didn’t expect this to get so complicated, so quickly. Today I sketched a whole set from the Grateful Dead. The music kept playing and I kept sketching. This is how it sounds and this is how it looks:


You’ll find impressions from Fire on the Mountain, Estimated Prophet, Shakedown Street, and Sugar Magnolia. Luckily, the Dead’s songs are so full of imagery, and there are so many live versions with different tones, themes, and emotions, I’ll be able to sketch the Dead over and over.

I hope you dance.