Novels put a lot of pressure on the reader. Some lines offer up many interpretations and there is always the possibility of missing out on what was intended to be humorous, and the reverse: viewing something the author meant to be serious as a humorous event.

I’m not sure which Ms. Miller meant. This is where my mind went.


Mistake? What Mistake

No, there’s no mistake under that author’s name badge. No mistake at all. I am highlighting the fact that this is from the novel Clock Dance by Anne Tyler, one of my favorite authors. I’m sure you understand

Wool Suit?

New novel, Anne Tyler’s Clock Dance.  It was difficult to decide what the powder blue wool suit looked like.  My first impression was that it would be a Jackie Kennedy/Chanel-style little blue suit – I even pictured the pillbox hat. Then I realized the event was set in 1977 when pant suits reigned supreme and women no longer wore hats. There were other events that led me to believe our character would not be wearing a decade-old style. Even though I really wanted her to be wearing that chic skirt and jacket, and even though pant suits were usually polyester, especially at her socio-economic level, I went with the pant suit.  I am a bit unhappy with the fact checking in this novel.Nevertheless, I am happy to be reading Anne Tyler again.

Wool Suit?


I’ve reached the end of UnshelteredI was dubious throughout most of the novel, feeling the characters to be a bit flat and two-dimensional. Ms Kingsolver pulled it out and gave me a satisfying ending that made the whole book worth reading.

You are getting two drawings today because I haven’t yet posted yesterday’s. I hope you read Unsheltered.

A knitting reference! Of a pattern I’ve knit at least twice.
More botanicals. I’m glad to be done with them.

Sweet Music

I know I have a SteKi problem – you probably know him as Stephen King. I swoon over everything he writes. Not because it’s horrific, or scary, or creepy. I love SteKi because he knows human nature. And because he loves people. I think everything he has every written has been out of a deep love for each and every one of his characters.

Here, to demonstrate How Deep is His Love … wait, this a Motown post … Here to demonstrate that SteKi is always right out there, Dancing in the Street with every other human on the face of the earth (and even with some Other Worldly folk) is Stephen King’s newest novel, Elevation.

Thanks, Stephen King, for everything you’ve ever done to aid in the Elevation of all beings everywhere.