The Heart that Loved

I was hoping for beauty in this five day series of Owens Peak, and, as today’s quote states, Nature has not betrayed me.

I’ve loved taking the time to look at something I tinternheartlove, Owens Peak. Also, I got to daily read William Wordsworth’s poem out loud. The poem, for me, brings alive things I could see, but hadn’t recognized. Poetry, prose, and sketching, are ways I recognize.

As far as Owens Peak – you should see it now. The gray clouds are moving north and white clouds are moving in and there is yellow light in the sky. The world is always changing.




Future Years

wordsworthfutureyearsWhat weather we’re having. It could be seen that nature is playing along with my desire to do a five day study of Owens Mountain by sharing her best. The gray is thorough and all encompassing. A deep gray that is fully met by the beauty of William Wordsworth’s words from Lines Written a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey.


A fortuitous name for a poet: Wordsworth!


Not Yet Raining



I live in the desert and its beauty may be what cracked open the urge to sketch. We are having weather, which usually means rains and winds when you live in the desert. The beauty of weather has inspired me to try a five day sketch of the same stretch of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, specifically Owens Peak which I can see from my home


If you can, take the time to read William Wordsworth’s Lines Written a Few Miles Above Tintern AbbeyThe words and thoughts and feelings are three dimensional and deserve to be read aloud.