Math is Exhausting?



This morning I awoke with not a clue of what to sketch and that sinking feeling that today would be the day I finally had nothing to share. Rather hopeless, I reviewed my highlights from yesterday’s reading and fell upon today’s bit. I liked today’s bit because, as a matter of fact, the financial clerk at my dentist was amazed yesterday when I added two numbers, mid-sentence, in my head, to come up with the total amount they’d want from me for yesterday’s services. I pondered a financial clerk who couldn’t estimate sums. Exhausted by mathematics, indeed. It was then that this scene, texted to me by my daughter last night, fell into place as the model for today’s sketch. My darling granddaughter, exhausted by kindergarten. Living life to its fullest.

I hope mathematics doesn’t exhaust you…unless it is that good kind of exhaustion of a job well done. And I hope you read.




Two Fails and a Win

Botanicals are not really my thing. I love this Barbara Kingsolver quote from her novel Unsheltered. The two fails are a typo, and an ink smear. Oh well, get over it, I tell myself. The Win is the new C3 nib which I bought just to draw nice, thick lines…and it totally works!

Finding Sepia

After a short trip away I’m back. I’ve started reading Unsheltered by Barbara Kingsolver. Ms. Kingsolver is an author who has written two of my top picks for books you absolutely should read…and then she’s written some things that felt forced. I am interested to see what I think about this novel.

I’ve been using mostly fineliner pens with Sumi ink washes to get the ever-elusive (for me) shading. Today I tried washes from Inktense blocks. I think I like the way the shades layer as much as I like the Sumi ink effect.

Other Worlds

With one little paragraph Ruth Ozeki draws on all kinds of beauty in her amazing novel A Tale for the Time Being. I’m drawing toward the end and I feel my reading slowing down so as to spend more time in her world.

The words at the bottom are Ms. Ozeki’s. The other words are things I thought of as I read. Thanks to Shakespeare, Linda Ronstadt, William Carlos Williams, and of course, the inspiration for the room comes from Vincent Van Gogh – all people who I believe have added immeasurable beauty to our world.

Making Comics Make Sense

I love comic artists. I have loved them forever and working as a comic artist was one of my dreams. I tried one for today’s reading – and making comics is much more difficult than I guessed – whether you or not you have artistic talent, making comics is hard work.

First off, I formatted the page in the wrong direction. Second off, I have only one facial expression. I am proud that it seems the people are all distinct individuals, and they seem trackable from panel to panel.

I almost didn’t post this because I realize it might not make sense if you haven’t read the book. Then, I thought that’s what I do. I’m not trying to tell you the story, or even give you an overview, what I’m trying to do is make you curious enough that you decide to read the novel. I hope you read A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki, and don’t worry if this panel comic doesn’t make sense to you.

I’d love hear whether you like the inked or watercolor version better.