Happy solstice.


Am I Too Good

On to a new novel and it seems that everyone in it is stuck in a world of appearances. Thoroughly fun for me to read. A slice of forbidden gossip in my world.

The Mist

There’s something in the literature of the South that hints at something more. A swirl, a shimmer, a thought in the peripheral vision. The thing is, we’re not sure we want to see it. The literature of the South barely obscures what we won’t even admit exists.

Making Changes

I’ve been working on illustrating novels that I’m reading – you can see what I’ve done lately on Instagram. It’s fun for me, keeps me reading and drawing every day, and seems like too much output for this blog.

Yesterday I came across a suggestion to write haiku as a way of beginning drawing comic strips. I failed miserably at my first haiku/comic strip. I thought you’d enjoy it.


Novels put a lot of pressure on the reader. Some lines offer up many interpretations and there is always the possibility of missing out on what was intended to be humorous, and the reverse: viewing something the author meant to be serious as a humorous event.

I’m not sure which Ms. Miller meant. This is where my mind went.